Moving Into a House

Reading, England

One of the natural next steps from first year to second at University is to move out of halls and into a house. This can be somewhat more stressful than halls, as you have to actually take into account things like utility services, landlords and estate agents (all of which are in my experience thus far, not particularly reliable). However, on the other hand can be a whole lot more fun.

My University only went back this week (W/C 25th), so that’s when I decided to also move my last few bits and myself into our house for this year. We’re living in a little town house about a fifteen minute walk away from Campus. There are six of us in the house, myself included made up of four girls and two boys which is a really lovely mix.

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Last weekend my boyfriend and I, Ben popped down to Cornwall for a couple of nights for a little bit of R&R before we head┬áback to University. Although it’s not like my summer break has consisted of pretty consistent R&R throughout anyway Ben, unlike some worked all the way through summer – so he certainly deserved it!

Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Despite us visiting out of season, it was still stunning and often meant that we had stretches of beach to ourselves at points. We stayed in Carclaze, Saint Austell roughly a ten minute drive from the Eden Project. This was a perfect base for us, as we were close to one of Cornwall’s main attractions (The Eden Project) and lots of gorgeous little towns – a good little find on Airbnb.

As we arrived slightly earlier than our booking in time we went to have a mooch around Carlyon Bay. Whilst the water was freezing.. yes, we were those people that attempted a little paddle, although it looked as though it may tip it down… the views were beautiful. Even though the bay wasn’t enormous it was a good stretch for a little stroll. In the evening we made our way to Charlestown where we grabbed some supper and then made our way back. Since it was dark by this point, we didn’t actually realise that if you walked a little further down from the restaurants there were some pretty little beaches and a pier. It was only when we returned on Sunday evening after having eaten at Charlie’s boathouse a lovely, unique restaurant overlooking the sea that we noticed the stunning pier.

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Training Abroad

Training alone can be hard, but training abroad is certainly harder. When you whisk yourself off to a beautiful land for most people getting in a gym session isn’t at the forefront of their mind and rightly so… however, when you’re an athlete (albeit an injured one) it’s something you have to consider aaaand it can be a little bit of a pain. Not only do you need to find somewhere you’re able to train (i.e. a gym/track), but then you have to attempt to contact the place who normally speak very little English (as not many holiday goers are after such things), find your way there on a daily basis generally without a little car to whizz around in and you have to accept that you will have to adapt your training to that of the facilities. Not ideal, but certainly doable.

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