The Year Abroad

I wrote this post just before I jetted off on my year abroad well over a month ago now in anticipation to following it up with my experiences.

My year abroad is already upon me.  I jet off on the 31st of August to Frankfurt, Germany to embark on a new, short chapter of my life. I will spend five months in Frankfurt at a translation company, Verbum versus Verbum and then a further five months in Turin, Italy at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in their design department. If I’m honest asides from the logistical aspects of my year abroad I haven’t really given anything else too much thought. Besides that is, these couple of questions which kept getting thrown my way:

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Training Diary – Niggles

Niggles are inevitable when you’re coming back to a sport, regardless of what discipline it may be in. But, oh my how much nicer would it be if you could just overcome your injury and hop back into it right where you left off? If anyone knows how, please do let me into the secret!

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Orebić, Croatia


The holiday hotspot of the year, Croatia. It seems like everyone and anyone took to the long coastline on the Adriatic Sea this summer to explore what the country has to offer. My boyfriend and I were one of the many that jetted off here in the hope of some sunshine. We did, however, head for a slightly more secluded area off of the beaten path. The little place we headed to was called Orebić, a two hour car journey from the city, Dubrovnik.

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