21, So Over It

Your 21st is the last opportunity you get to really celebrate your turning of age, until you hit thirty.. which quite frankly is rather daunting. It is a big deal. You’re supposed to drag out the celebrations and have an extensive list of all of the beautiful, shiny new things you’d like to treasure, however this year (my 21st) I’m feeling far less enthused about my birthday than I ever have before.

I am usually the girl that drags out her birthday for-e-v-e-r and everyone and their neighbor is usually aware of the fact that it’s my birthday, but this year, I’m lacking inspiration. I still have just over a month, which for many of you may seem like heaps and heaps of time, but I’m also a girl who’s a sucker for planning and plans months in advance; especially when it comes to my birthday.

Celebrating @thebendunford’s 21st at the Copper Box Arena

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t made any plans at all. I have already tried to gather some of my school friends together for a quiet meal in London to celebrate as it so happens to be one of my best friends birthdays around the same time, however any further than that (i.e. any further logistics other than the date or any other plans) haven’t been organised. For once I’m actually o.k. with this. I know that I’ll be seeing my parents, so I’ll have a full, happy tummy and that the university are planning strikes on the big day – so what more could a girl want?!

Naturally, there are things that I’d like to have, but perhaps with age I’m realising there’s much more to birthdays (and life) than things.  Things are great until they break, get lost, become unfashionable or are just simply no longer needed, yet things such as health, love and happiness cannot be devalued over the years.

Recently it was my other half’s 21st and he was even less thrilled by the concept of turning twenty-one than I am (perhaps, because I kept reminding him that he was going to be o-l-d, well before me). Nonetheless, it got me wondering whether birthdays become less of a big deal as we get older because we realise the insignificance of material things (maybe discounting a beautiful pair of shoes) or that we feel by not celebrating in a big style age won’t creep up on us?!


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