5 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Over the past couple of years I’ve increasingly gotten into Podcasts. I love the idea that you can still learn something whilst carrying out your everyday tasks, such as doing the housework, going for a walk or (previously) your commute to work. A perhaps very millenial/Gen Z concept of feeling the need to continuously be ‘on the go’, but c’est la vie!

  1. The High Low – this is one of my longtime favourites. I used to wait for it to be released every Tuesday and gobble it up as soon as possible. Writers Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton cover all things current affairs both high- and lowbrow with a whole load of giggles along the way.

    Unfortunately, The High Low had its last ever episode on the 2nd of December, but I would still thoroughly recommend digging through the archives!
  2. I’ve recently added the FT News briefing to my daily routine, thanks to my lovely boyfriend. In a mere 10 minutes, you can consider yourself updated on the most important global business stories from Monday to Friday.
  3. The Legal Cheek Podcast with Eloise Skinner is also great. The podcast is quite legally focused, however, if you’re completely disinterested in law but are keen to progress your career, Eloise shares some fab, balanced insights into what it takes to be successful.
  4. The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White is my go-to for any long car journey or Sunday walk. Despite being recorded in front of a live audience, you feel like you’re somehow confiding in a girlfriend over a glass of wine. As confessions are made each week with Deborah’s special guests of insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles.
  5. Another podcast which is fab for bolstering the commercial awareness is Wake Up to Money by BBC Radio 5 live. This takes a more in-depth take on daily business news from Monday to Friday which is incredibly informative taking a deep dive into the biggest commercial news stories.

What are your go to Podcasts? Do you already listen to any of the above?


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