A Male Best Friend

Growing up the majority of my friends have been male. Simply as I have perhaps naturally gravitated towards them and find them often far easier to maintain a friendship with. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means a tom boy and I do have some girlfriends, but they are far fewer than my good male friends. 

Having male friends often perplexes a few because generally speaking girls are good friends with girls and boys boys. Yes, sleepovers when I was little weren’t always necessarily as ‘intimate’ as they may have been if I were staying at one of my girlfriends houses i.e. we wouldn’t share a bed etc. and some parents would think it just bizarre. BUT being good friends with men/boys has it’s perks:


  • Guys generally say it how it is. They have an issue with you? You’ll know about it, instead of pondering if you have perhaps done something to upset the other.
  • You don’t have to be constantly in contact with them. Many of my close girlfriends over the years have felt that if we don’t text for an hour then something is wrong. No, I just have a life. One of my current male best friends of ten years + is awful with his phone. I won’t hear from him in months; then I’ll get a random text and have to wait at least two or three days for a response, but we’ll chat as though we’ve never been apart.
  • They generally like to be outside doing things. This made for some of the coolest birthday parties, such as driving land-rovers etc. Instead of perhaps just staying in and watching 173735 chick flicks (which to be fair, I find equally enjoyable… but balance is always important)
  • Sport – they generally understand why you want to train every day and are constantly thinking about how you can improve little things to aid your performance.
  • Male friends can act as some of the best love gurus when it comes to men. What may completely perplex us women, is often something which one of my male friends can explain away in seconds. Bag yourself a male best friend purely for the sake of your love life girls!




Of course there are  disadvantages to having guy friends too, such as jealousy if and when relationships do come around and no relationship is perfect… but by and large my relationships I’ve had with my male friends have lasted the longest and are often the most fun. 



Let me know what you think – do you think I’m completely wrong and girls can only truly be good friends with girls?



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Make friends are the best. I married mine!!!
Your yr group at school had some awsome lads in it who I image are great friends


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