A trip to Condom

Condom Cathedral


Yes, there is a place called Condom in the south west of France in Gascony. It’s actually where my Auntie and Uncle live for six months of the year. So, being the devoted family that we are… we make sure we drag ourselves out there at least once every summer to visit them.

Condom is a beautiful, little place neighboring the popular holiday destinations Bordeaux and Toulouse. It possesses great French charm and has a stunning cathedral at it’s center. Condom often holds markets whether they be during the daytime or evening ones, after shows in the Cathedral. Whilst we visited there was an organic market which had live cattle and other farm animals, such as chickens (for display) and tractors for sale in addition to jewellery and clothing.


Nérac, north of Condom is also alluring. Every year we visit this little town as not only is it beautiful, but it also holds a lovely food market. En route to you may find yourself passing over one of the two bridges which run over where the river Géle flows into the river Baïse. This is probably one of the most likely places you will hear English spoken as we bumped into a few expats. Despite this however the market remains authentic as many of the sellers do not speak English which can prove to be entertaining.

Since we were there only for the bank holiday weekend, we did try and spend as much time as possible in the sun before returning to dreary England. It was extremely taxing. Especially with the beautiful outlook at my Auntie and Uncle’s house in the country-side.

If you ever get the chance, I’d highly recommend a visit to the area. It’s perfect for some R&R whilst enjoying the views..

Condom, France


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