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The warm up area at competitions (no matter which sport) can be an intimidating place. It’s the first preview you get of your fellow competitors before you head to the start line. I believe that what you wear to do your sport ultimately aids your performance.

Here’s why:

  • If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel good about yourself
  • Feeling good about yourself will give you more confidence
  • You’ll focus more on you and feeling good than your competitors (which is ultimately the aim for a good performance)

It’s also undeniable that it’s generally pretty easy to pick out the ‘Big Time’ athletes, from those which haven’t made it yet (myself included). These ‘Big Time’ athletes are easily identifiable by a few little quirks… Here are a few:

  1. The all Nike/all Adidas combination. The tell tale sign is usually the trainers or a little detail
    Allyson Felix (Goals)

    , such as a headband. Often admittedly many athletes who are of a good standard, but haven’t obtained sponsorship yet will have their favorite brand whether that be Nike or Adidas and thus naturally gravitate towards an ‘all combo’ looking outfit

  2. Wireless headphones – they don’t have time for the wires to all get tangled up in their arms whilst attempting to do drills (as I do)
  3. Running knickers. This is (hopefully) just one for the girls. There are only few occasions at competitions where knickers are deemed ‘acceptable’ in the athletics sphere i.e. an open competition at Lee Valley generally isn’t one of those times, BUT at for example the AAA’s (/nationals) it’s one way to shout that you’re after bigger things. Funny, as there’s less material but hey!
  4. Compression socks have become a BIG thing recently, especially in the indoor season. Many put compression sock-wearing down to psychological factors, but they also look pretty great when you’ve got the long legs to pull them off with (no jealousy here at all…)
  5. The Rucksack. To me, it just looks far more efficient and compact.


These are all obviously very subjective points and not at all ‘rules’ of athletics, merely something I find quite interesting… especially at the moment yearning to be back on a track!


Moral of the blog post: wear all of these things what you feel good in (.. as long as it’s not those arm sleeves)

PLEASE let me know if you think differently/have any to add, it’s always lovely to hear your opinions, KW

P.s. If you’re ever after any of these items (even Nike and Adidas products), check out TCX4 for the best technical clothes and personalisation!



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