Body Confidence



We all have it or perhaps lack it.

I have always been the first to jump straight into a bikini and strut around, even since I was a little girl. My mum would always say I am happiest in a bikini. This is still true – who doesn’t love being able to soak up the rays and go for a dip in the summer?

However, what has altered is my confidence. I have always had big legs, even without entering a gym. Thunder thighs and manly calves some may say. It was a simple fact of life that set me apart from others in my appearanceand I accepted. It was only when the stretchmarks began to creep in and I got injured that I became far more aware of my figure.

About a month ago at one of my indoor sessions at the track here in Germany, another coach approached me and commented on the size of my legs. For me this isn’t uncommon. Many people often ask me in the gym which sport I do whilst gesturing towards my quads or calves. Usually, however presuming I’ll say bodybuilding/weightlifting or something of the sort. On this particular
occasion it was clear that my sport is athletics. I was in the middle of a gruesome session, breathing out of my backs*de as most athletes do during winter training, when the coach approaches me with some advice. He said, that maybe if I lost some muscles in my legs I’d be able to run a whole lot faster and keep up with the boys I was training with. In German might I add.

A few years ago, without having endured two years of injuries, still confidently winning races and finding training whilst taxing, in comparison a breeze, I would have just laughed off his comment and forgotten about it. Which I did, at least the laughing part but I can’t seem to shake his comment. A couple of people have approached me in the gym since and gesticulated at my legs, but then my mind instantly switched back to that moment, and his comment.

We all have our insecurities, whether that be our wonky smile or thunder thighs. However for me, my legs were never really an insecurity. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in love with them either, but I accepted them as they were and saw them as a tool for something I love. When you’re lead to believe that your ‘tools’ are no longer helping you, but rather hindering you it knocks the old confidence ever so slightly. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes, when univited it’s better to just keep it to yourself.  You never really know someones personal thoughts about themselves, as they are exactly that, personal.

I do not know the man, but I do know this; everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and what might work for some won’t always work for others.


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