Christmas Cheer

We’ve officially hit December so it’s now finally socially acceptable to speak about Christmas.

In my younger years I was never really overly taken by xmas. Don’t get me wrong I loved the fact that I could eat chocolate for breakfast, recieve lots of lovely presents and spend time with my family, but I think with my Mum being the gigantic grinch that she is the christmas cheer never seemed to really hit me. That was until a couple of years ago when I decided I needed to at least attempt to get rid of some of the naff decorations we put up every year and replace them with something a little more tasteful.


I now get into the Christmas spirit relatively early (at the beginning of December). I find that no matter what you’re up to the Christmas cheer can instantly bring a little sparkle and happiness into your life. Even the silly Christmas rituals like putting up decorations and going to Christmas markets. Where I currently am in Rosbach, Germany our little street is known for it’s chrimbo lights. After Totensonntag on the 25th November; the day in which all of those who have died in the year are celebrated all of the lights and decorations begun to appear. The lights and Christmassy-ness somehow manages to make what could be a chilly, miserable walk home from trainng something far more magical.

Now that we’re getting closer to Christmas too, it means I have the perfect excuse to head home for a w.h.o.l.e week which is beyond exciting! Knowing my parents too, they probably won’t have any of the xmas decorations up by the time I head back so I’ll hopefully get to sprinkle some more xmas joy around the house when I get back. I have to say I am already so ready to be back in the comfort of my own home for the festive season. Being abroad is lovely and exciting, but nothing compares to being surrounded by your friends and family – which is exactly what Christmas is all about!

This time of year also makes me even more excited for the future. I feel as though I’m at that stage in my life where I’m really excited to see what the future holds (despite not knowing what that may be yet) and am keen to find my own little space and make it my own. To be able to decorate and furnish my own space how I’d like to and have my own little place in the world. I know realistically it’ll be a quite a way off as property prices are ridonculous, but a girl can dream and begin to save. Which is exactly what I intend to do as the Christmas cheer makes me yearn for this just a little bit more.

What does the festive season mean for you? How do you get into the festive spirit?


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