EU Elections

The EU elections are upon us. In fact, they’re tomorrow! Please please please if you do nothing else, go and vote.

Having spoken with a few of my close friends regarding the EU elections they were baffled as to firstly what they were and secondly when they are. These friends don’t live in a hole and they’re pretty well-educated people, yet still, they were quite frankly oblivious. This is why I thought it may be useful to just scribble down a few notes regarding them, to raise some sort of awareness, no matter how small. Especially since, at this moment in time, I believe the influence of one vote in the UK has never been more crucial.

So, when you pop ‘UK EU Elections’ into Google, what do you find?

 -A brief summary from on when they will be held and how often

-A very clear run-down from The Telegraph on the relevance of us voting


-Information about each specific party provided by The BBC

Usually, I find there to be lacking information, and simply lots of trash talk when it comes to voting, especially in the local elections just gone. However, for once all of the information is clear and there at your fingertips! This, if nothing else highlights the importance of these elections.

So, absolutely no excuses. Have a little read, make up your mind and ensure you vote! At the end of the day it’s your future…


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