Female Empowerment

With International women’s day having just past, I thought that this would be an appropriate topic to write a few lines about.

Female empowerment is something which I’ve always felt pretty strongly about; why shouldn’t a woman be able to do all of the things men can? The answer is they can and should. The feminine image is one which I both, rather oxymoronically adore and despise. I love everything associated with femininity; the romance, clothing and gen
tle nature. Yet, I honestly believe that a woman should also be naturally associated with what is traditionally ‘masculine’; such as doing sport, knowing a thing or two about cars etc. I refute the weak image that women are associated with. Similarly, for men I believe they should be able to more freely express their emotions and look after themselves without being lumbered with emasculation.

As a child growing up, I was incredibly lucky to be supported in anything and everything I wanted to participate in. My parents are of the view that as long as I’m happy, then so are they. One of my earliest memories I have with my Mum when discussing career pathways (I was perhaps eight years old), was her saying to me “Darlin
g, if you’ll be content being a bin woman then I’ll support you all the way. Just make sure you do what makes you happy”. This always used to make me laugh when I was younger, as to me being a bin woman wasn’t the greatest of aspirations. However the support and central message has stayed with me throughout my life. I honestly believe if you go after what will make you happy, then you’ll achieve everything and more. This should be anything, whether it’s something stereotypically ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’; negate the stereotypes.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about male best friends and the ease of the relationships with men. Although, I hold to the fact that I love having male best friends, having strong female friends can sometimes be even better. My girlfriends, although lacking in numbers are some of the strongest and most aspirational women I know. They continue to inspire me everyday which is surely what anyone should look for in a friendship?

This clip of Emma Watson (which I’m sure you’ve probably already seen) encapsulates what I think female empowerment should be about; merging the views of masculinity and femininity. Click here if you’d like to watch it.





To all of the women who don’t feel empowered enough to achieve their dreams (but should!) and to those who constantly inspire me to achieve more and to negate the stereotypes.





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