This needs to change

Femininity is something I hold great worth upon and like to relish in. It is the qualities or attributes of which are regarded as characteristic of women. These include; romance, beauty, elegance, sensuality and so the list goes on. Of course there a couple of traits which are not so endearing such as vulnerability, however on the whole femininity is something I wish to be associated with.

What would be considered to be feminine acts allow me to feel more like myself than anything else. I love indulging in ‘feminine’ acts, such as pampering myself and just taking time out to read Vogue or a good book.  I feel though that femininity is also knowing your self-worth and having the confidence to pursue your dreams whilst holding onto some sort of allure and peace of mind.
Although femininity by definition is about the woman, through physical attributes and traits. I feel that femininity should be something which men are also able to embrace, without stigma. At the moment, society is far from this, yet the recognition of the necessity for this is there. I think it will be difficult for this to become transferable through the mentality of the majority at the moment. Myself included, I will often call out a guy for ‘being a girl’ when they are being pathetic or whiny, due to social conditioning. However, I should instead call them out for what they are doing rather than associating them with the poor traits which are associated with women. I believe, that this will take a considerable amount of time to reverse. As even I, someone who believes femininity should be universal has difficulty putting this into practice.

Furthermore, as society evolves into a more feminist sphere. Femininity is something which is perhaps left behind by some strong women whom wish to empower themselves, in place of what would be considered to be traditionally ‘masculine’ qualities, such as independence, intelligence and strength. The act of femininity in my experience, has become something which many of my friends do not necessarily wish to be associated with due to the ‘feminine’, ‘weak’ connotations in holds.

However, there is so much fun in relishing in that which is feminine. Now more than ever it should be possible to be feminine, have a great sense of self-worth and feel empowered.

What are your thoughts on this? Is that which is feminine also weak? KW



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