Freshers Myths

With Freshers well and truly over for most unis now, I thought it was an apt time to write a little post on what, from my experience I have found to be the ‘myths of freshers’ for those of you sending off your UCAS applications.

  • Those you meet during freshers, will not remain your friends. So far this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, admittedly there are people who we went out with which we don’t see as much now thaimg_7099t the fortnight of madness is over, however the people we generally spent most of our time with are still the same people we spend our evenings cooking with now. Don’t dismiss those you meet first.
  • The 123737290 things you bring with you to university which you don’t really need, but must have will all fit in your room. I had three trolleys worth of boxes, suitcases and bags which we lugged up two flights of stairs into my room. Initially it may make your room feel like it’s on the small side, but ultimately it all magically fits. All three trolleys worth of stuff, all in my room. Over-pack, I dare you. (If there’s really not enough room, mum and dad can always take bits back)
  • You’re generally too busy settling in to worry about home sickness at all.

  • You may not end up living with other Freshers. This for me was quite a shock.. when you imagine living away from home for your first year of uni, you immediately envisage people of the same age as you. Although, it’s common it’s not always the case. I am currently living with nine other Asian Postgraduate students (the kitchen always smells amazing) – totally lovely, but not at all what I had imagined for my first year. I’ve met lots of other people also in the same position, who even had Reading down as their first choice. If you can, I’d advise that you check who your potential flatmates will be, so you can have the university experience you want.
  • A LOT of people go to university with boyfriends. I possessed the stereotypical view that many decided to enter university single to perhaps ‘gain the whole experience’, but this really couldn’t be further from the truth within my circle of friends. EVERYONE HAS A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. No word of a lie. They visit each other on weekends, face time after nights out and text 24/7. Sweet, but also sickening. Top tip: if you can avoid it don’t be the only single friend… as soon as anything begins to heat up between the one’s which are taken you’ll get used to hearing ‘Have you met *insert name*? She’s single.’
  • Youfullsizerender-20 will have things to get up for during freshers week/fortnight. Most unis host welcome meetings, talks, fire safety briefings etc. during your week of fun at what seems to be the cruelest of hours after a good night out.
  • Freshers Flu is unavoidable, no remedies or amount of napping will save you.



Please leave a comment if you’ve had any contrary experiences or feel you can add anything. I hope this is useful to those of you hitting send on UCAS, good luck!
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