From Tyre Belly to Lean

Picture 1: 6th April 2020
Picture 2: 22nd June 2020

I’d never really been one to worry about my weight. If I still felt confident running around in a crop top in the summer then that was good enough for me. I knew roughly where I was on the scales and would fluctuate around a kilo or two but nothing more and honestly wouldn’t check on it very frequently.

This all changed. Whilst living ‘la dolce vita’ in Italy on the last leg of my year abroad, I was still training but had fallen out of love with it ever so slightly. I think this was mostly because I wasn’t able to train with a group, as they trained earlier in the day whilst I was still at work…. and in turn I got a tad bored. I had also made the conscious decision to not monitor my nutrition whilst being there – I was in the best country in the world for grub, so why would I let that pass me by?!

Of course, this gradually caught up with me. This in culmination with another injury I picked up upon my return to the UK was the icing on the cake. Usually, nutrition and training go hand in hand for me (Italy aside). So not being able to run, jump or squat sent me into a major funk. I stropped and ate my bodyweight in anything and everything – all of the yummy stuff I would have usually avoided… and ta-da, almost a year later I was 10kg heavier!

To be completely honest, I hardly even noticed it to begin with. I think I just avoided mirrors! But then, my jeans started to feel super tight and uncomfy, to the extent that last winter I was just living in skirts and tights (it was a tad nippy!). So, this was probably the tipping point for me, especially as I was so used to my clothes being too big (particularly being 5″1) rather than too small.

As we hit lockdown 1.0 in late March, I’d had enough of feeling like a big blob, so decided to finally do something about it. I dialled my nutrition back in, made myself accountable, kept training, remained consistent and finally got back to feeling like me again. ‘All’ it took, was three months of continuous effort.

My weight still fluctuates now by the odd kilo or two, but I do feel so much more like ‘me’. Sadly I’ll never be one of those people who can eat whatever they like, not exercise at all and look incredible! Which I suppose is just another motivation for me to get my bum to the track, continue training and doing what I love.

I have to admit, I’m so much more aware of my weight and what the scales say than I have ever been but I also feel more in-tune with my body. Now I’m happy with where I’m at I’ll certainly start working on how to worry less about what the scales say (easier said than done)! As women, we are so hard on ourselves and our aesthetic, so it’s important to remember what our bodies can achieve (in training and daily life) in addition to what they may or may not look like.

I hope that this acts as a little bit of motivation, even for one person of what you can achieve through consistent action whether that be weight or work related.


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