Alcobaça, Portugal

I’m back! I know I’ve been beyond pants with my blog recently and I could make 101 excuses, but I shan’t because at the end of the day I haven’t been blogging and I should’ve made more time for it because I enjoy it!

So, what to blog about after almost three long months away?! Well… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t drafted bits and bobs during this time period because, I have BUT my main issue was that I was never particularly happy with the photos to go alongside those posts and thus not happy with the overall visual representation I was putting out there. I wanted to wait and take more snaps, but I can’t lie I cringe ever so slightly in front of a lens and even more so asking people to take “candid” shots of me – bodes well for a wannabe blogger, right? We’re working on it…

Anyway, in the interim (whilst I’ve been away) I’ve had my 21st birthday which I was completely dreading. Have a click on this
little link if you’re interested in finding out why. I’ve celebrated other friends and relatives birthdays, had my end of year exams, been to Croatia, Lisbon and back… oh, and moved out of my first student home somewhere in-between all of that, in addition to of course having had a couple of competitions to keep the old athletics thing ticking *and breathe*. Now that I sit here and type it all out, it does seem a tad on the manic side… yet, I promise I’m still not trying to excuse my extreme tardiness. What instead I intend to do is say a big fat hello and welcome back whilst updating you.

My 21st at the Botanist, Reading
Batalha, Portugal


Inter-counties with @simonebaxter, Chelmsford


Orebić, Croatia

Most people that know me, know that next year I am embarking on a year abroad as part of my four-year languages degree. I will be spending half of my year in Frankfurt, Germany and the other half in Turin, Italy. I decided I would like to work in both countries in order to gain some more insight into the working world, whilst attempting to perfect my language skills… or ideally just make myself understandable to whoever I need to communicate with whilst I’m abroad! The university does very much direct the students towards going to a partner university however, I was adamant that is not what I wanted to do. Since applying to university to study languages I always said I would like to work in Milan doing something fashion related. So, I’ve ticked one of two boxes.

The year abroad is certainly daunting, but simultaneously exciting so I can’t wait to embark on it and see what it has to offer. I leave at the very end of August and begin work in Germany early September, so stay tuned to keep up to date on my ramblings about working life as a student in a foreign country.

Aside from my year abroad, I have a couple of trips away before I jet off. One to Turin to finalise some accommodation and the other to visit my auntie in Condom, France (yes, Condom!). So, I hope to keep you updated before I head off on my next chapter.


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