How to Decide whether to go to Uni or Not


As many of you possibly already know, I was completely undecided as to whether to go to university or not. I was genuinely 50:50 for a very long time, which drove me slightly insane. Therefore I thought I’d write a little post on the key deciding elements which helped me, so hopefully you don’t tear your hair out as much as I did…

The absolute best thing I did was go to Frankfurt, Germany and study at the Goethe Institut. My days consisted of lessons from 9-5pm and then training. That was pretty much it and I couldn’t get enough of it. In that moment I felt as though university would almost certainly be for me. I was pretty much living the university lifestyle; having to cook, clean, shop and organise myself whilst juggling studying and training without a parental figure. The only thing which was missing was an actual university, although I had the Institut to replace that. (If anything the learning was more intense as it was a full day.) I was honestly in my element.

The Goethe Institut accommodates everyone and anyone wanting to learn German. They have institutes all over the world, not only in Frankfurt, but also in London if you wanted to stay a little closer to home. Personally, now a student of languages I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. However, even if you don’t wisimg_0114h to do a degree in languages I still think it would be worth your time to do… a little bit of knowledge of a language can honestly get you a long way. You can even dictate how long you would like to study for, which may just be a week, but I promise it will be the most worthwhile experience if you embrace it. In addition to studies (and optional exams) the
Goethe Institut also has it’s own culture programme which means during the week there are always really cool cultural opportunities you can embark on and embrace. It’s not all just studying, I promise.

Although I had the most amazing time at The Goethe Institut I must admit I did still have a few doubts as I settled back into home life. I wondered if university would compare and whether I’d enjoy it still. It does and I do, but that is of very little use to you. During this ‘doubt period’ I made sure I spoke with as many people as possible to accumulate as many differing opinions as possible about University. From those who had studied at university, who were at university, who hadn’t been and who had embarked on a completely different path altogether such as an internship or apprenticeship. Which admittedly can be slightly confusing, but on reflection incredibly insightful. Although I hate to say it, it will depend on you as to whether you enjoy university or not. Accumulating opinions is really useful in order to try and form your opinion, but ultimately it does have to come from what you truly believe.

Here are a few other things I tried in order to decide:

  • 12985437_1166499196696568_1478523419066153858_nPros and Cons lists. Predictable? Yes, but really useful to have your doubts and positives popped down on a piece of paper in front of you in black and white.
  • Lots of snooping online. I probably searched for other peoples pros and cons lists 1829 times too many, but it’s useful to know what a complete stranger thinks sometimes and their own experiences.
  • Visited friends at university to get a feel of what it’s actually like – this is something I really should’ve done, but inevitably ran out of time. Make the time, it’ll be more than useful.

I hope this is of some use to someone out there in the Blogosphere. If you have any further questions please leave a comment below/send me an e-mail/DM me on Twitter or Instagram. Or even if you feel you can add to any of this at all, please do! I’ll leave a link to The Goethe Institut here, just in case you’re tempted! KW

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