Injury Diary Update

It’s been a long old time since I did one of these, but you guessed it, yup I’m still injured!

Since I last did a little update almost two years ago (where has the time gone?) I was getting back into my running slowly and finding my fitness again. I headed on my year abroad and continued training with some lovely groups and people, but as I returned I picked up more niggles and injuries.

So what was wrong this time?

Initially it all began with my back. If I sat down for too long it used to get super duper grumpy, even an hour’s car journey would make it grouch. So I worked with my Physio, Pete from One Physiotheraphy (the best in the biz), stripped everything out – no squatting, cleans etc. He came to the gym with me and assessed my movement patterns and we gradually built bits back in whilst getting on-top of the everyday grumpiness. I also grabbed myself a caudal epidural which seemed to do the trick short-term.

My left Achilles then clearly felt super left out, so joined the injury wagon. It seemed the more load and power I put through it, the more it hurt. Running, jumping and plyos were then pretty much out of the question. Slowly whilst loading it, taping it and releasing my calves it’s getting better – but is still nowhere near perfect aaaand nowhere near jumping back into my spikes just yet! I tried that recently and it put me back way over a month in training. We’re learning and getting there super duper slowly.

You’d think that’d be my lot, right? Wrong. My knees then started to get pretty sore and niggly too. At this point I kind of felt as though I was falling apart and joked with Pete that I was turning into a granny at the grand old age of 23. Pete gave me a whole series of rehab exercises to do and did his thing, prodding around (way more technical than that I promise, sorry Pete) and they seem to be much better. I don’t want to say that too loudly though, in case they hear you…

Present Day

So, right now the Achilles are still pretty grouchy BUT I can manage track sessions in trainers without too much grumpiness which I’ll definitely take. My knees seem to be behaving and my back is manageable, I just have to get up and move away from my books every hour or so (any excuse is fine by me!). We’re slowly getting there and working on my pelvic floor as that’s pretty shoddy… no, I’m not peeing my pants but with a little more control there hopefully that’ll help my back and everything else along a lot faster.


P.s Pete if you read this, thanks for putting up with my moaning for so long and helping to fix me!

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