Law? Say what now

Not so long ago I was studying a Bachelors degree in Italian and German at UoR. Now, having graduated I’m studying (again) but this time law. To a lot of my friends and family this was a little bit of a surprise.

Why law? Why now?

Having worked in Germany on my Year Abroad translating predominately legal and financial texts my intrigue into the legal field was sparked. Then whilst working in Italy, realising that design perhaps wasn’t for me, I researched pathways into the legal industry a little more. However, decided I should probably try and get my first degree out of the way before signing myself up for another… so I let it lie, and focused on completing my studies in modern languages.

Graduation quickly swung around in July and I started contemplating my next steps, whilst soaking up the sun in a quarantined world. Frankly, what was available on the job market really didn’t interest me. Which made me start researching law again…

The more I researched, the more excited I became. I attended webinars, open days, took part in virtual internships, spoke to lawyers and ultimately decided I’d take the leap. Even if it was a blooming expensive one.

Now, I’m studying at Ulaw doing a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) which whilst incredibly fast-paced is super interesting.

So… you want to be a lawyer?

Yup! The more I study, and the more I learn, the more interested I become in the subject and my career prospects. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What changes have you made this year? Has Covid altered your path slightly?


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