London Fashion Week Festival

On Saturday 24th February my girlfriends and I headed to London Fashion Week Festival at 180 the Strand. It’s something I try and attend every year as I always leave feeling inspired (and with a few less bob in my pockets).

180 the Strand has been the location for the last couple of years and I have to say it is one of my favorite locations as it has such a minimalist warehouse feel to it, which just seems to amplify the designs and colours of the products both on sale and on the catwalk.

We attended the Nicopanda show on our silver tickets for a sports luxe infusion. Whilst not all of the designs were to my taste, aspects of the styling fed my lust for several items, such as berets. The casual glam displayed further inspired me even more so to dress for comfort above all else. Which sadly has become something I’ve become very fond of recently. Gone are the days I purchase items which dig into me here and there in the name of fashion.

Nicopanda Catwalk
Nicopanda Catwalk










An example of the interior at LFWF

The brands whom attended displaying their items are always surprisingly more in budget than one would think. Brands included House of Sunny, Never Fully Dressed, Millie Mackintosh and many more, some which I hand’t even heard of before. I find, that when attending I discover far more brands than I ever would scrolling through the internet or roaming the streets. This is partially since I would get bored, but nevertheless. I seem to always find key pieces which I come to adore more and more whenever I attend.

The only disappointing part of our visit this time around was that the only talk scheduled which we would have been able to attend with out tickets clashed with our catwalk show. We were absolutely gutted, especially since every time I have been before I’ve been to a talk and they were all so interesting and insightful.



Honestly couldn’t recommend LFWF highly enough to anyone interested in fashion. It’s worth even just purchasing festival entry (which we did last year) to have a mooch around the brands on display and taking in the whole experience. What’s fab also is that there are always little booths or Polaroid opportunities so you come home with a little keepsake too!

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