London Fashion Week Festival

Last weekend my friend Lucy Hurwood and I, attended the London Fashion Week Festival at The Store Studios, Strand. We purchased tickets for Saturday lunch-time purely to have a mooch around and soak up the atmosphere. As students we opted for the Bronze ticket, which included event access, 150+ brands to shop and Industry Insider Talks (subject to availability). When we went to book on for a couple of talks it transpired that there was an additional fee for these, so ended up not actually attending any. We did figure that we could perhaps book onto some once we were there, but honestly the shopping and photo opportunities were plenty to keep us occupied for a few hours.

I had been to London Fashion Weekend (as it was referred to then) a couple of times before with my Mum, when it was at Somerset House. The Store Studios in comparison, whilst still lovely lacked the uniformity which Somerset House manages to captivate through it’s grandeur and large indoor and outdoor layout. The Store Studios instead though had an ere of grungy minimalism, which from an interior perspective I much preferred. All of the signs, as in previous years were black vinyl/paint printed onto a white background however the floor and ceiling were left as bare concrete.

This year there were several more (than I noticed previously) photo opportunities presented by the people running the event. At numerous points around the event there were people with Polaroid camera’s happy to take a snap or two for you on both their camera and your own phone – perfect for Instagram opportunities!



The people at the event were also really lovely and welcoming. It is often a preconception that people involved in the fashion industry are intimidating and often unfriendly, but this event could not have been further from this preconception. There was a really lovely buzz around the event and we even met Primrose from the blog Style Petal as she complemented our outfits and took a snap of them for Verve, a brand she was collaborating with on the day.

Photograph by @StylePetal, on behalf of Verve #beavervevip


One of the only things which is slightly less than ideal at the event are the changing facilities, if you’d like to try anything on, as I did. There were a couple of curtain reels popped up in a couple of corners among stools, which in itself was ok, however they (or the one I went in anyway) were full of abandoned clothes and the proximity to actually be able to change was minimal. Additionally I did end up sharing this little space, with another lady whom possibly got more of an eyeful than she’d bargained for, but perhaps that just adds to the character of the event!




A few more snaps from the day:


@katielwhite04, @lucyhurwood

Have you been to London Fashion Week Festival? What did you think? Drop me a comment below and let me know!




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