Mama’s style evolution

Go back a decade and the two words: Mum and Fashionable were just two things I never would have placed together (no offence Mum). Back in the early 2000’s all you would ever catch my Mama in was cargos, a tee shirt, hoodie and converse. Sometimes the hoodie would be swapped out for a chunky knit, but that was about the extent of her everyday wardrobe.











As you can imagine Mum really didn’t get my love of fashion or shopping in my early years. Going clothes shopping for her was one of her least favourite things to do, rather a necessity than a luxury. It seemed as though mum needed some sort of R&R after shopping, instead of utilising shopping as her retail therapy. Whilst I was the complete opposite, which I am sure wound her up to no end. Both her and my Pops really could not understand my infatuationwith clothes and my continuous experimentation with garments, such as my patch jeans and rara skirt phase circa 2006 (which I would wear to my brothers Sunday rugby matches naturally). Mum, was admittedly more understanding of my fashion faux pas and jumped to my rescue on many an occasion when other family members questioned my awful choices.


It is this understanding that I believe to be the catalyst for Mum’s total style evolution over the years. As my love of fashion has only seemed to grow over the years, and my relentless nagging to go shopping has never dwindled I think I may have had some sort of effect on her. Although, even now Mum doesn’t enjoy spending hours and hours on end traipsing around a crowded shopping centre attempting to find something unique (admittedly, I don’t either), she will now suggest shopping trips as a girls day out and even go willingly on her own!

It’s certainly taken us a couple of years to get there, since her interest seemed to peak in clothing and style… however, now I can honestly say I would quite like to steal half of the contents of her wardrobe. It has come to the point now that if I see something I like for myself, but frankly should be attempting to save my money, that Mum will just buy it for herself (and keep it out of my sight). This is something I honestly never thought would happen, but I’m so happy that it has.


Here’s to you Mama on your style journey!




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