Orebić, Croatia


The holiday hotspot of the year, Croatia. It seems like everyone and anyone took to the long coastline on the Adriatic Sea this summer to explore what the country has to offer. My boyfriend and I were one of the many that jetted off here in the hope of some sunshine. We did, however, head for a slightly more secluded area off of the beaten path. The little place we headed to was called Orebić, a two hour car journey from the city, Dubrovnik.

We booked around Christmas time as we were on the hunt for something to look forward to at the end of exams, and so we made our way to the beautiful country in mid-June. It was clear upon arrival that the full swing of summer tourism hadn’t quite kicked in yet – for which we were grateful for as nothing was ever too manic or busy which I imagine it can get. Where we chose to stay however was somewhere far less renowned than Dubrovnik, so this could have also played a part.

 Korčula, Croatia
 Korčula, Croatia

Orebić was beautiful. Everywhere you turned was picturesque and a perfect Instagram opportunity. The beaches were pebbled and the sea was a gorgeous bright blue. I could have honestly just lounged around all day sunbathing and taking in the views. One thing I would warn you about though are the sea urchins. Where we were there seemed to be quite a few, so we nipped off to the local market to purchase some water shoes before taking a proper plunge in the sea. One of my friends earlier in the year had also been to visit Dubrovnik and his girlfriend, unfortunately, ended up on crutches for the rest of the holiday as a result of treading on one – so it’s certainly worth grabbing a pair!

Orebić’s neighboring island is Korčula which is easily accessible by boat at a very affordable rate (the exact price I cannot recall, but I think it was less than €10 for a return trip). When you’re in Korčula there’s an old town to explore, plenty of restaurants, a little market, a beach and a 360° view from the clock tower. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Whilst we were there we also went on a little tour of the islands by boat through the hotel – which we both really enjoyed. We spent the morning whizzing around in the sea, discovering parts of the island that we hadn’t previously taken much note of whilst gaining an insight into the history. We stopped off further around the island after a spot of snorkeling for some lunch with the most stunning outlook onto the sea. After this we continued to do a little bit more exploring and some further snorkeling. I have to say, we didn’t really see that much when we snorkeled, but our guide was fab and dove to the bottom of the sea to pick up a few sea creatures for us to examine. Although we booked our tour through the hotel, I’m sure there are many similar tours along the beachfront and in other hotels. We’d highly recommend doing one if you get the chance.

Our trip was sadly only brief, so we didn’t feel we had enough time to head back to Dubrovnik for the day to do some exploring, which we would’ve loved to do. Especiallly since it looked so stunning as we travelled past – it’ll have to be on our hit list for next time! Orebić all in all was perfect for what we wanted it for (a little bit of a flop and some sunshine). I’d really recommend it as a holiday destination perhaps for roughly ten days so you allow yourself some time to do some exploring slightly further afield.


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