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Ever feel as though you’re chasing yourself trying to catch up with everything all at once? Me too, especially recently so I thought I’d formulate all of my top-tips on being productive!

  • Write a list.  Lists can be a great tool to keep track of everything you have to do.
  • Don’t write too many lists. I often fool myself into believing that by writing a list of e-very-thing fullsizerender-22I need to do is  productive when in reality if I’d just got on with what I needed to do, I would’ve finished most of it in the time it took me to write a list for everything and update it. Think less, do more. (Keep the lists short and concise)
  • Manage your time. Prioritize what it is you need to do, over what it is you’d rather be doing i.e. eating chocolate and watching Netflix.
  • Plan your week in advance. I often find this really useful if you have commitments during the week, such as training/lectures etc. as you can then plan around them.
  • Go to the library. If you need to do something go to a cafe or somewhere outside of your room/house to do it. If you set out with the intention to finish an essay and have made an effort to go somewhere you’re more likely to get it done and have fewer distractions.

Do you have any more tips and tricks as to how to be more productive? You can never have enough!
.. now stop reading this and do what you’re supposed to be doing!


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