My new Baby, CM

Over lockdown I was bored (weren’t we all?). Having just finished university and not being able to mingle, I decided to create Cientanni Merch (CM). An Etsy based shop selling totes, tees and silver gifts.

CM is named after my late grandfather, and mama’s maiden name; Cientanni. It’s an ode to him and my love for all things Italiano.

It’s a creative outlet for me and a perfect excuse for me to bring my head out of the books. The slogans and bits created are all made in house and are generally items I personally love and would use everyday.

Growing up I’ve always had lots of girlfriends asking me where I purchased specific items of my wardrobe from as they wanted to get their hands on them too. I used to spend hours trawling the internet to find unique bits and bobs to add to my wardrobe in a hope to stay ‘on trend’. Now I certainly search for longevity and higher quality a lot more. My needs have changed and so has my lifestyle. I found I had a gap in my wardrobe for a stylish tote and an ‘everything make up bag’ (dumping ground for my cosmetics), so I created them!

CM will hopefully save you those precious hours of scrolling and add stylish items effortlessly to your everyday routine.

If you haven’t already have a little look at our Shop, Insta and Facebook page – all linked here.

I always love hearing your feedback (positive or constructive), so please feel free to share any you may have! Or even suggest any items you’d love to see in the future.

Email –
Or leave a comment here, on FB or Insta

Sending you all heaps of love in these crazy times x

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