The Pangs of Injuries

Injuries are never fun, prolonged injuries even less so.  However, most people/athletes who participate within a sport get injured at some point. It’s rubbish. It plants innumerable seeds of doubt in your head, builds frustration and also often confusion as you try and get as many opinions as possible to fix yourself quicker.  Oh how I know about this having suffered now for almost a year (yes, no indoor or outdoor athletics season) with what has been diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. Fun times. Seriously though, I’d like to focus on the positives of being injured. Perhaps bizarre and slightly ironic given the title and opening, but let’s go with it.

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Freshers Myths

With Freshers well and truly over for most unis now, I thought it was an apt time to write a little post on what, from my experience I have found to be the ‘myths of freshers’ for those of you sending off your UCAS applications.

  • Those you meet during freshers, will not remain your friends. So far this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, admittedly there are people who we went out with which we don’t see as much now thaimg_7099t the fortnight of madness is over, however the people we generally spent most of our time with are still the same people we spend our evenings cooking with now. Don’t dismiss those you meet first.
  • The 123737290 things you bring with you to university which you don’t really need, but must have will all fit in your room. I had three trolleys worth of boxes, suitcases and bags which we lugged up two flights of stairs into my room. Initially it may make your room feel like it’s on the small side, but ultimately it all magically fits. All three trolleys worth of stuff, all in my room. Over-pack, I dare you. (If there’s really not enough room, mum and dad can always take bits back)
  • You’re generally too busy settling in to worry about home sickness at all.
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Why I decided to go to University

Before I begin my ramblings, I feel I need to apologise again for my lacking posts of late. I do have a good excuse (as any) though, since I decided to pack my bags and make my way to university. ‘University?’ I hear you cry as a mere couple of months ago I was completely undecided as to whether the venture was for me, however I decided to take the plunge. What’s the worst that could happen? I could hate it .. and then head back home and start a new adventure. As luck has it however, so far so good.


Nevertheless why still pertains. Why get yourself into £9,000+ debt a year for what is effectively a piece of paper?

1.To teach myself a new way of thinking/learning. Having taken a gap year and a little trip to the Goethe Institut in Frankfurt to improve my German, my love of learning was re-ignited. I was away from home and spent most of my time just training, studying and meeting friends. It was pure bliss. Furthermore it became increasingly clear to me how much knowledge was out there and how much I wished I could know more and more. Sounds lame, right? But it is so true and at the end of the day, knowledge is power. In addition to this, university not only allows you to specialise within a specific faculty, but also develops a new way of thinking which inevitably employers seek.

2.Independence. University allows you to move out of home (for at least 40 weeks of the year), organise your own time, have your own space and in many cases also cook, clean and shop for yourself.  Although this may not all sound terribly exciting it is honestly quite liberating. Yet you know that when and if you’d like to pop home it is only a car or train journey away and you’ll be welcomed with open arms and often lots of food! It is effectively a baby step towards ‘proper’ adulthood.

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