Sport in Everyday Life

olympic rings

With the Olympics over and the Paralympics pending it got me thinking about the influence Sport has on our everyday lives. One may not be a sportsman/woman themselves, yet still find themselves engrossed in the excitement of the action. Perhaps due to patriotism or a love of spectatorship – to watch athletes perform at what usually is the pinnacle of their career after years of hard work. Alternatively, there are also those who participate within sports themselves and can only begin to imagine the experience they (Team GB) have had in Rio de Janeiro, which serves as one of the biggest motivations of all time.

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A Trip To Southern Italy


Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast


IMG_5653                                                                               IMG_5656

When I declare Southern Italy, I well and truly mean it.  Although, I’ve begun my photos with our day trip  to Vietri Sul Mare along the Amalfi Coast we were situated in Capaccio, Salerno. Capaccio may not be quite at the bottom of ‘the boot’, but it is slightly further than many tourists venture, especially for longer than a couple of days. It is indeed instead a place where many Italians themselves holiday, specifically those from Northern Italy. My family and I settled on Capaccio since a lot of  our extended family live in Battipaglia (a 20 minute drive away).

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A Stranger

Hi all!

Above all I’m sorry I’ve been so rubbish with publishing my thoughts on this little space. No grand excuses, just that I have been busy packing/unpacking and lounging around in the sun for the last couple of weeks. Jealous yet?

Anyway, with many thanks to my little break I have something I’d like to share.

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