With Valentine’s Day having just passed I thought this would be a potent post not only for the singletons out there, but also for those in relationships.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Self-Love as a “Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” simple, right? Perhaps something which is easier said than done when life takes over.. but something which is incredibly important. After all if you can’t love yourself (as cheesy as that may sound) how can you expect someone else to show you the same love and respect?

I know in my own experience that when I neglect myself I’m genuinely unhappier, but when I have time for myself to indulge in the little things I enjoy, like in the summer for example there’s a massive shift in my overall happiness. Obviously every day can’t be like a summer holiday, but if we try to replicate those actions in our everyday life then hopefully consequently our overall happiness will improve too. I’m going to give this a go myself over the next few weeks and see what happens.. Here’s how I intend to do so:

  1. Planning – If I plan my day out, I generally get far more done and thus consequently can plan in some extra me time
  2. Waking up earlier – Not necessarily to go 100 mph from the word go, but to ease into the day with a little bit of yoga etc.
  3. Going to bed earlier – I always find that the earlier I go to bed, the more refreshed I feel the next day and ready to tackle the days challenges.
  4. Food prep – Something I really don’t enjoy doing, but spending a couple of hours doing so over the weekend can really ease time during the week (and prevent hangriness!)
  5. More Yoga and Meditation – This is something I’ve found that can instantly shift my mood. My go to is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and the free Headspace app.


Self-love is often something which is sneered at or seen as a little bit of a joke (esp. among my male friends), however it is so essential – even for the guys! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It genuinely improves your all round well-being and state of mind – when you have a p
    (Taken from twitter: @katielwhite04)

    ositive state of mind you can achieve anything, right?

  2. Self-love improves your self-worth 
  3. At the end of the day, you are all you have – as long as you’re around so will your happiness, well-being etc.
  4. It improves your relationships with others since it brings you into the present moment and allows you to appreciate little details
  5. Eases anxiety





What do you think about self-love? Is it something which is essential or just a luxury for those who have time to consider?
P.S. Don’t forget to click on the links (the words underlined) if you’re interested in finding out more info.,   KW

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