Summer Style and Identity Crises

Since I was little I’ve always had an interest in fashion. I was always experimental with what I wore which often resulted from strange looks from my family (rightly so in some cases). I was the little girl who would not tolerate being told how to dress herself. If I wanted to wear a fur coat and dress just to hop on the bus into London for the day, I would or if I even felt that I really wanted to wear a rara skirt over my jeans to my little brothers’ tag rugby match, I would. There was no dissuade me. I very much felt that clothing forged a part of your identity and it was a way to depict your personality, without words. This is one of the main reasons why I didn’t particularly enjoy having to wear a uniform at school. I felt that it made everyone look the same, uniformed (which I get was kinda the point) and restricted the freedom of self-expression.

I am still of the view that clothes form an integral part of your identity. Rightly or wrongly we judge others by what they wear and make assumptions about them and their life off of the back of this. I would argue that many do this subconsciously rather than actively judging people’s attire. For instance, I’m well aware that most people couldn’t actually look at a man in brown shoes and simply decide they’re not trustworthy due to his choice of footwear. However, human nature likes boxes and being able to categorise people. Therefore, following some stereotypes; if someone is wearing a hoodie and joggers one may presume they are a chav, whereas if someone is in a satin dress and cashmere jumper the assumption may be that they are wealthy.

As a result of this close correlation between clothing and identity that I believe exists, I like to get up in the morning and then decide what to wear according to how I feel. This can often result in me declaring that I have nothing to wear, as I just don’t have what I have implanted into the deep dark crevices of my mind in my wardrobe. However, more often than not it suits me. Despite it being an absolute nightmare when it comes to any kind of packing. With this in mind, I have found it slightly harder to dress myself according to how I feel as the recent weather seems to just be getting warmer and warmer by the day.

I adore the heat and will forever dote on summer, but we are just not used to the heat in England. It’s an undeniable fact and funnily enough, my wardrobe mirrors this. Yes, I have clothes which I reserve especially for summer that are a little lighter, cooler and let’s face it just more summery. However, these are usually only ever really used abroad and consequently are mainly beach appropriate, which I simply cannot prance around in day-to-day. This has  lead me to many an improvisation and an inevitable shopping trip (which I actually promise I didn’t intend to purchase anything on! Alas, I did).

A couple of improvisations and purchases I’ve made:

  • Cotton shorts over denim. I’ve always been more of a lover of cotton shorts anyway, call me an old fogie but I find denim shorts ride up my bum (not a pretty sight) and are just generally more uncomfortable. Cotton/satin shorts are also one-hundred times cooler.
  • Dresses are just fab. I’ve not always been a dress kind of girl, and I still do sometimes feel far more comfortable in a pair of trousers BUT in this heat dresses are such a gift. Especially those of the flowy variety.
  • Skirts – the same goes for these, let the airflow continue, please. I do r.e.a.l.l.y struggle to find skirts that I like, however, so I currently only have a couple in my wardrobe along with a couple of skorts.


Dress  – All Saints
Shoes – Zara (last year)


P.s. Thank you Paula for inspiring me to write a more fashion dominated piece

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You’re welcome xx brilliant Hun xx Pxx