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In the ripe age of consumerism why is it that what we have is never enough? As we head into Cyber Monday I cannot deny that the sales have left me feeling as though I need to refurb my entire wardrobe, despite having plenty of perfectly o.k. clothes (if not too many) already in my wardrobe.

Why is it that no matter how much we have it is never enough? Do we blame society, social media? Or should we take a more inward look and simply blame ourselves?

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Summer Style and Identity Crises

Since I was little I’ve always had an interest in fashion. I was always experimental with what I wore which often resulted from strange looks from my family (rightly so in some cases). I was the little girl who would not tolerate being told how to dress herself. If I wanted to wear a fur coat and dress just to hop on the bus into London for the day, I would or if I even felt that I really wanted to wear a rara skirt over my jeans to my little brothers’ tag rugby match, I would. There was no dissuade me. I very much felt that clothing forged a part of your identity and it was a way to depict your personality, without words. This is one of the main reasons why I didn’t particularly enjoy having to wear a uniform at school. I felt that it made everyone look the same, uniformed (which I get was kinda the point) and restricted the freedom of self-expression.

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