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A year ago or so the following image circulated around the athletics community on twitter:

RT’d from @Laviai, November 17th 2015

“Imagine this. You are standing outside in the winter cold for three to four days of your week. It is your free time youre giving up, you don’t get these hours back. The bitter cold is making it difficult to hold and press down on a stopwatch. You watch people circle laps for  2 hours. You hear complains all the time. You struggle to talk over the voices of young gossiping teenagers. They ask you the same, repetitive questions, day after day. You should over and over again. You go home late in the evening, tired, hungry. And after all this, you get no payments in return. The medals which the athletes earn go to them, not you. Their bonus money is earned by them, not you. But you keep going, because despite  how horrible it sounds, you’re strangely in love with it all. The happiness of the athletes is enough to keep you going. To be this kind of person requires superhuman will. It requires someone who is one of a kind” 

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Hi to anyone out there actually reading this and welcome!

Firstly, let me just apologise for my evident narcissism. Not only do I have a blog, but I’ve created one in my own name – doubly narcissistic… however hopefully memorable, right?

I decided to create my very own blog, as I follow so many fabulous bloggers who have managed to create such beautiful platforms which continue to inspire me every day. I’d love to think that at some point I’ll be able to inspire someone myself, although for now I’ll settle for something which is unique and I am content with (and improves my lacking coding skills).

So, what to expect from this page?
Above all, will be a lifestyle blog, with a focus upon fitness (athletics specifically), travelling and the pangs of being a 19 year old teenager. I have also already created a category for ‘Fashion’, because who said a girl can’t have it all… a fashion, lifestyle, travel and fitness blog?

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below!


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