YA Part Two: Living in Italy

The move has officially happened! I’ve left a rather nippy Frankfurt and have embarked on my next journey in Turin, Italy. In fact, I’m already over a month into my little adventure and enjoying my far busier routine here. I’ll be here for the next four months working for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles alongside natives picking up on all of their quintessential Italian traits and attempting to improve my Italian language along the way.

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London is one of, if not my favorite city. I love the constant buzz that surrounds it, the fashion and  focused attitude people seem to have. A girlfriend of mine I met in Italy this year, Danielle came over to visit for her twenty-second birthday. So, this provided me with the perfect excuse to venture into town for the day and show her why I love the city so much.

I was really excited for numerous, perhaps obvious reasons but also because she had never actually visited England before. Her visit coincided with Halloween. This was lovely especially as it meant that Danielle could see the seasons changing. Unfortunately, on the Friday of her visit I had a couple of lectures I needed to attend. However, on Saturday we headed into London to visit all of the biggest tourist attractions and soak up the hustle and bustle of the city.


Our first stop were the Jubilee Gardens, which we meandered through until we reached the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. Although, it was chilly (naturally for London) it wasn’t raining, which provided us with plenty of opportunities to snap some photos along our travels.

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