YA. A month (or so) in

Two months into German living and how am I feeling? Outsider-ish. If that’s even a word. Let me explain…

Living in another country with your family is one thing but going it totally alone I have found is quite another. I like to think of myself as an independent; I’ve been away for months at a time completely alone before for language schools/courses/trips etc. and it hardly bothered me at all. However, this time. This time, it all seems to be different and I really was not prepared for that.

Frankfurt, Germany

Everyone always asks me what my expectations were heading out here, perhaps assuming that has a big part to play in how I’m currently feeling. Although, if I’m honest I didn’t really give it too much consideration. I wanted to be able to head out here, with as few preconceived ideas as possible so that my integration would be easier. Besides knowing that I would be living with a family where I’d be working on the outskirts of Frankfurt I really couldn’t’ve told you much more. Yet, it was still much trickier to settle into than my previous travels.

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