The (almost) Graduate Life

Blimey, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here. Hello!

This time last year I was still living “La dolce vita” in Italy, and now I’m awaiting the final results of my degree whilst a Pandemic overturns our lives! Who would have thought it?

This time, as soon-to-be graduates suspended between receiving our results and being technically unemployed is daunting and all-consuming. It can feel really lonely, especially in the current climate which is why I thought I’d share a couple of links below for those of us who are rightfully feeling a little bit lost.

Gals who Graduate – is a fab platform created by Brontë King, a graduate also from the University of Reading in 2019. It’s an incredibly supportive community, that debunks any myths surrounding societal expectations for Graduates.

Hello Grads – also has some fab tips for life post-graduation, such as deciding whether to move back home (and how to cope with that!) or to rent.

Have you recently graduated? Do you already have something lined up or are you on the job hunt/considering further study? Get in touch and we can muddle through this together, KW

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