The Truth about Full-Time Work

Quote credits to Mama White

When you’re really little you think grown-ups know just about everything. They must do, since they’re well, grown-up! It’s only when you get to the stage in your life where people begin to consider you as a grown-up yourself you realise just how far from the truth that is. Having entered the full-time working world recently on my Year Abroad, friends and family at home often like to point out to me that I am now officially ‘adulting’. Scary thought. It’s when they make these assumptions though, that I realise that I actually am. I’m pretty much a grown-up now, and my am I so incredibly far from being as clued up as I thought I may be!

However, embarking on a new little journey abroad and working-full time for the first time in my life, I’ve definitely learnt a lot about the corporate world which I’d like to share…

  • The work place is just a big playground. I always thought that with age people matured; gossiping floundered, and people had far more interesting things to occupy their time with. Sadly, I’ve found this not to be true. People do not change, perhaps it is in part boredom, or the lack of a life outside of work, but boy does gossiping thrive in an office. 
    My top tip: Avoid engaging in it at all costs. You’ll only get dragged down with it and it’ll probably end up coming back to bite you on the b.u.m! 
  • Living for the weekend. The rumours are true, working 9-5 can make you yearn for the weekend. Unless of course, you’re one of the lucky few who can do something that they love full-time. 
    My top tip: Plan exciting little things to do after work and be productive with your free time. This way you won’t feel like such a slave to the corporate bubble. 
  • Sitting on your rear all day long. This is something I actually really struggled with initially, having been used to be able to get up and groove during a uni day. 
    My top tip: Try and get up and have a little shake out every hour or so if you can. You’ll feel so much better for it. 
  • Tiredness. My oh my was I sleepy for the first few weeks of work. Anyone who knows me well enough can attest to how groggy I am on minimal sleep. It’s strange since you don’t actually exert yourself that much during the day (being sat down for most of it and all), but just glaring at a computer screen all day can be incredibly draining if you’re not used to it. In addition to those slightly earlier wake-up calls. 
    My top tip: Drink lots of water throughout the day and get those zzz’s in wherever you can

Have you entered the working world yourself? What were the things you initially found tricky? I’d love to know, just leave a little comment below!

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