The Year Abroad

I wrote this post just before I jetted off on my year abroad well over a month ago now in anticipation to following it up with my experiences.

My year abroad is already upon me.  I jet off on the 31st of August to Frankfurt, Germany to embark on a new, short chapter of my life. I will spend five months in Frankfurt at a translation company and then a further five months in Turin, Italy at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in their design department. If I’m honest asides from the logistical aspects of my year abroad I haven’t really given anything else too much thought. Besides that is, these couple of questions which kept getting thrown my way:

  1. Will you be able to continue training whilst you’re away?This is a question I possibly get asked the most, from friends, family and coaches alike. I have to say though, that each time I hear it it does take me aback ever so slightly. In my little world, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of not training whilst I am away. I guess it’s perhaps because I’ve been doing athletics for such a long time and I’ve had to find other, alternative training facilities previously due to travel. For example, in my gap year when I was in Frankfurt for just over a month studying. With that said though, it doesn’t make training whilst you’re abroad any easier. Finding club connections and hunting people down to train with does prove to be a little bit tricky at times. However certainly not impossible.
  2. What is going to happen to your relationship with your other half?This is another really popular question from my friends and peers rather than my family. Again, it’s another question which I find as the germans would say ‘komisch’ (strange). The distance will certainly be testing and boy will it be strange not to see the fella everyday, but I honestly think it can only make our relationship stronger.
  3. Are you nervous? Nerves for me haven’t really come into it yet. I don’t think I’ve really planned in my head what it’s all going to be like (coming from a girl who’s usually an avid planner). I think because I’m not too sure what to expect, so figure going with an open mind can only serve me well. All I know at the moment is that I’m working for a translation company and I’m living where I’m working. We shall see.


Side note: I’ll be posting without photos until I figure out how I want to go about my photos. Far too many decisions.

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