Top Tips for Studying Online

How do you stay motivated whilst studying online?
It seems like the whole world has moved to a virtual platform, whether that be for work or study (at any level).

Lauren’s WFH set-up is absolute goals. Image via her instagram @laurengracelife

I’d already chosen to study online, before it became the norm, as I had kind of predicted that this academic year (2020/21) would be more similar to the end of the last academic year, than what we’re used to. Unfortunately, I was right, so here’s what I’ve learnt from studying from home and a few top tips for trying to stay as motivated as possible…

  1. Make yourself a timetable – I know it may bring back dread from your days at school, but the independence of university study culminated with online study can lead to you spending way more time on things than you’d intended, or you procrastinating. I find by timetabling out my week, it keeps me on task and I feel way more accomplished at the end of the day.
  2. Try and separate your bedroom/chill area from your studies if at all possible. If you can work in the dining room/kitchen (closer to the snacks, so no-brainer!) then do – it’ll help you switch off in the evening and ensure your two worlds don’t blend too much. Saying that I study in my bedroom, as it’s the quietest part of the house so it’s totally doable if you need to, I just limit myself to not studying from bed, however tempting it may be!
  3. Schedule in some ‘you-time’ – whether it’s a walk, some light exercise or even a FaceTime call with your girls, everyone needs a break and you’ll find it’ll help you to re-focus when you jump back into work. I personally try and schedule in three 20 min walks a day (one in the morning, one post lunch and one in the afternoon) and my training in the evening, giving me something to look forward to.
  4. To-do lists are a personal fave. I find it SO satisfying being able to cross things off of my list – perhaps a tad sad. However, ‘they’ say if you write someting down you’re more likely to get it done, so get writing!
  5. Try and make your study space a space you feel inspired – studying can sometimes be a bit of a slog, but by making your study space a place you actually want to be will make all the difference. Add in some cute pieces of art/photos of your besties or some motivational quotes to get you started.

Have you got any more tips and tricks you find help to keep you motivated? How have you found studying/WFH? Let me know below.

KW x

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