Ann Summers

Ann Summers! Shock, Horror!

In my experience whenever Ann Summers is mentioned there’s usually a joke cracked, a few nervous giggles and a further crude remark. All because they sell what many consider to be controversial things, sex toys.

I was recently in town with one of my friends, who wanted to go bra shopping. We were about to wander past Ann Summers (who had a massive sale on), so I suggested we go in and have a browse. The shock at this suggestion is something I simply won’t be able to forget and furthermore her discomfort whilst inside the shop. Let’s just say we didn’t last five minutes (no pun intended).

A mere couple of weeks ago, again I venture into Ann Summers; this time with my Mum… who hastened to tell me as we were entering the shop that everyone passing by thought I was about to purchase a sex toy. Exactly what you want to hear from your mother. My jaw hit the floor.

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Athletes and Jeans

Athletes and jeans are not something you’ll often hear together in a sentence and is often a very sore point. Jeans are not generally tailored towards an athletes somatotype; small waist, big glutes and quads (and in my case also short legs). Instead, you can either purchase jeans with a gaping waist but good fit around your bum and legs OR jump around the changing room attempting to get your calves into the teeny tiny leg holes of which the waist would potentially fit.

Scrolling through my pictures attempting to find a snap of myself actually in some jeans was more of a challenge than I’d initially thought. Instead, I found myself either in lycra or a skirt. Of course I wear jeans, but the fit is never desirable. The jeans in my wardrobe at the moment are either boyfriend cut with about a gazillion holes in them (much to my family’s dismay) or what are essentially high waisted jeggings. Which is fine, if you
don’t mind either looking like a girl playing dress up in her brothers clothes, that have been adapted (by hole cuttin

g) or if you want everyone to see, very clearly that you in fact have glutes and quads – shocker!

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Athlete Starter Kit

The warm up area at competitions (no matter which sport) can be an intimidating place. It’s the first preview you get of your fellow competitors before you head to the start line. I believe that what you wear to do your sport ultimately aids your performance.

Here’s why:

  • If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel good about yourself
  • Feeling good about yourself will give you more confidence
  • You’ll focus more on you and feeling good than your competitors (which is ultimately the aim for a good performance)
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