Training Diary – Niggles

Niggles are inevitable when you’re coming back to a sport, regardless of what discipline it may be in. But, oh my how much nicer would it be if you could just overcome your injury and hop back into it right where you left off? If anyone knows how, please do let me into the secret!

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Training Diary – Making a Comeback

…Or at least trying to. Returning from injury, regardless of the time you have had away from the sport, be it a couple of weeks or a couple of years is equally as daunting and difficult. In the time you have spent away you subconsciously begin to trust your body less and your belief in a strong return often seems unrealistic. This is because you know you need to let your body run through the motions of competing and in my case, attempting to travel at some speed before you can expect too much. I would argue that the longer you spend away from the sport, the harder it is to make a strong comeback, as your muscle memory has more than likely begun to fade.

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Injury Development Diary

ESSA, Birmingham 2013

After almost a year, I went for my ‘first second opinion’. Plantar fasciitis was the confirmed root of my pain, by another specialist. Only this time I decided to see a foot specialist, rather than a foot & sports specialist, hoping for a new perspective. It was suggested that I have cortisone injections in my feet. I would have to have them done one at a time as I would have to be in a boot for a few weeks after each one. By this point I was frankly happy to try anything if it meant I could get back into running, especially if it meant I didn’t have to do any more acqua jogging or bike sessions! My parents and physio grounded me, reminding me of my tender age and side effects of the procedure. Whilst not being particularly invasive, it was still a needle which was going to be injected into the fatty pad of my heel which long term could cause it to become much thinner and cause even bigger issues. That in addition to the  necessity of localising my pain for the procedure was an issue. My pain never returned to the same part of my foot, instead it would jump around my heel and there was also no one thing I could do to stimulate it (except from running/walking). We concluded this would therefore be a bad idea.

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