Friendship (at university)

I thought I’d do another little post about Friendship, focusing on my university experience. This is since I have found it to be quite different to other friendships I have made previously.

University is a great way to meet new people, who you usually may not have met. Before you take off for uni, it is instilled in you that it is full of numerous, unique types of people, which in part is true. However, from my experience I have found one common denominator amongst pretty much all students, which is the love of clubbing, alcohol and or drugs. Of course, this is a generalisation, however it is certainly one I have found to be true.

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Moving Into a Student House

Reading, England

One of the natural next steps from first year to second at University is to move out of halls and into a house. This can be somewhat more stressful than halls, as you have to actually take into account things like utility services, landlords and estate agents (all of which are in my experience thus far, not particularly reliable). However, on the other hand can be a whole lot more fun.

My University only went back this week (W/C 25th), so that’s when I decided to also move my last few bits and myself into our house for this year. We’re living in a little town house about a fifteen minute walk away from Campus. There are six of us in the house, myself included made up of four girls and two boys which is a really lovely mix.

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