Training Diary – Niggles

Niggles are inevitable when you’re coming back to a sport, regardless of what discipline it may be in. But, oh my how much nicer would it be if you could just overcome your injury and hop back into it right where you left off? If anyone knows how, please do let me into the secret!

Sadly, I have not yet found a quick, easy solution to jump back into it. Instead, it often seems that the path back is long and never-ending. Although you’ve overcome your initial injury problems, you’re left with new little niggles that arise – which you’re warned could develop if not taken care of properly. They take a lot of maintenance, constant care and attention, which often isn’t something you want to give them. Instead, often the more appealing option is to slump around and watch Netflix and try and forget about any injuries/niggles that may be in your way. Sadly though, this doesn’t generally aid your recovery although rest is an integral part, so is rehab. I’ve actually found that fusing your rehab with something you enjoy, such as some good music or a Netflix series can motivate you far more.

It can often feel that all of a sudden, you’re back to square one when in actuality you’re just on the beginning of your journey getting back to doing what you love. Recently I’ve had to remind myself of this more often than not. With my injury pangs, we’ve managed to almost completely resolve my foot pain, however, I’ve been left behind with a couple of very grumpy Achilles and unhappy hips, which seem to be taking all of my load as I’m strutting my stuff back down the track again.  My back also unfortunately hasn’t yet been fully resolved, but it’s certainly a lot more manageable under regular maintenance from my physio. We even managed to get me to touch my toes in my final session with him before I jet off on my year abroad – a massive result for me as I haven’t been able to do this for well over a year (besides on one other occasion with his help). It’s the little things such as this which I like to count as micro victories.

Niggles are a pain. They’re boring, persistent and all in all no fun, but they’re a necessary part of the journey, which can become more enjoyable with adaptations and paying them some of that much needed attention.



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