Travelling is Good for the Soul

Prague, Czech Republic

With the clocks having gone back, we’ve officially hit hibernation mode thanks to old William Willett. For me, this generally means one thing, dreaming of warmer days in foreign lands. Especially since my parents have just booked a weekend away to Rome without me, the student studying Italian…

Bordeaux, France

Anyway, I thought that now would be a prudent time to reminisce about summer once more and highlight the positives of travelling if you need anymore of an excuse to book a holiday, other than the weather!

  • Vitamin D is very much lacking in the UK and necessary in order to remain fit and healthy
  • Travelling opens up your mind to new experiences (cultures and languages)
  • You gain a new perspective as a result of these experiences
  • Travelling gives you a chance to re-charge, slow down and appreciate the little things
  • It also often makes you step out of your comfort zone and attempt things you may not have done at home
  • Often (especially as a student on a low budget) you have to be adaptable
  • It can aid mindfulness if you’re open to the concept of it and embrace the moment
  • You often find time for  little things you wouldn’t usually such as reading or yoga
Paestum, Italy

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’d happily hop on a plane to a warmer land at any given opportunity. However perhaps not just for the sun-kissed glow, but also for the state of mind I believe travelling helps to mold.

Travelling for me allows you to understand your own tendencies better, whilst beginning to understand a new culture and way of life. This for me is invaluable. Material things come and go, but experiences last forever.



Bali, Indonesia



Let me know your thoughts on travelling. Do you have any more positives to add or do you disagree with one of my points completely? Please let me know and as ever follow me on Bloglovin’ for updates, KW


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4 years ago

No sure about the re-charge bit if you are traveling for a long time. I haven’t slept properly in weeks and slept last night in a ferry terminal!!
Definitely agree with the books. I’ve read allsorts I wouldn’t normally read as they have been the only English ones available!