What to Visit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the few places I’ve visited in Germany on a couple of occasions (shocking, I know as a student studying German), but I have to say it’s also one of my favorite places to visit.

I visited Frankfurt for the first time around October last year in order to study at the Goethe Institut. I’m aware I’ve already hyped up the Goethe Institut in one of my previous posts ‘How to Decide whether to go to Uni or Not’, but I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough (please check out this post for more info, if you’re interested). ANYWAY one of the great perks of studying there was that there were cultural activities you were able to partake in throughout the week and at the weekends, instead of just meandering the streets alone exploring (which admittedly was also a thing.. especially trying to find the training grounds). However, due to this I fell in love with the city and would really love to pass on my favorite places…

Goethe House
  • Goethe House – This is one I sought out myself as I figured, you can’t go to Frankfurt and not visit anything Goethe related. For those of you who aren’t aware (my parents weren’t) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is the German version of Shakespeare (Click on his name if you’re interested in a brief synopsis). This was a really informative and interesting visit. I think we paid a small fee (perhaps €2) on entry and we also needed a euro to pop our coats/bags away, but that was all. The Goethe House is pretty much what it says on the package; a writer’s house museum. All of the descriptions etc, were in English as well as German and the house itself was beautiful.


  • Museum für angewandte Kunst – This is one which I stumbled across myself online and really liked the look of, so one of my girlfriends and I went to explore and absolutely loved it. When we visited it consisted of very modern, minimalist art with quite a few performative elements depicting social change/cultural values which was also really interesting.
    Museum für angewandte Kunst






  • Frankfurt am Main Süd Market Stools – Just across the bridge from the Museum für angewandte Kunst were some really beautiful market stools (and tourist shops). One of the stools which we particularly loved was making jewellery out of scraps of metal right there on the street. I’m not sure whether this market was seasonal or possibly just at the weekends (I did try to google it).
  • Frankfurt Main Tower – One evening with the Goethe Institut we all went to Frankfurt Main Tower. It was really gorgeous, especially to see the city all lit up with a multitude of colours (but very chilly!)
Frankfurt Main Tower

These are the four places I’d visit again or take people to myself in Frankfurt. One place I did manage to miss which is supposed to be beautiful are Palmengarten, but it’s definitely on my hit list for next time…






Let me know if you’ve visited Frankfurt yourself or would recommend anywhere yourself which I haven’t already mentioned! KW


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