Ann Summers

Ann Summers! Shock, Horror!

In my experience whenever Ann Summers is mentioned there’s usually a joke cracked, a few nervous giggles and a further crude remark. All because they sell what many consider to be controversial things, sex toys.

I was recently in town with one of my friends, who wanted to go bra shopping. We were about to wander past Ann Summers (who had a massive sale on), so I suggested we go in and have a browse. The shock at this suggestion is something I simply won’t be able to forget and furthermore her discomfort whilst inside the shop. Let’s just say we didn’t last five minutes (no pun intended).

A mere couple of weeks ago, again I venture into Ann Summers; this time with my Mum… who hastened to tell me as we were entering the shop that everyone passing by thought I was about to purchase a sex toy. Exactly what you want to hear from your mother. My jaw hit the floor.

Yes, Ann Summers sell sex toys. Yes, they are notorious for this fact. BUT they also sell really fab, reasonable normal underwear. I cannot attest to my whole underwear draw consisting of merely Ann Summers attire, but the few pieces I have purchased from there are great and my girlfriends often inquire where I got it from!

I must admit that whilst rummaging through the sale rails the other weekend with my mum, I did pick up one or two seemingly nice pairs of underwear, which then materialised into something I didn’t quite expect. Yet, what I did end up purchasing was pro
bably far nicer and certainly cheaper than what you’d find in one of the most common underwear stores teenage girls shop in, Victoria Secret.
I accept that some may find the notion of sex toys or even perhaps sex something of a taboo matter. However, when I think about it further I do have to question perhaps why since after all it’s a completely natural act. I mean how do you think you came about? Unfortunately I do think it has somewhat to do with the fact that such things are usually only associated with women, who socially are dammed into believing that they shouldn’t be in any way promiscuous, which I agree with. What I don’t agree with however, is the double standard which comes with this. Perhaps if it were something men used m
ore it would be less of a taboo and more widely accepted as this is certainly the case with sex. But… I didn’t set out for this to be a feminist declaration.

I merely wanted to highlight that although a shop may be renowned for something which is unfortunately still taboo, they can and do have great products which your ‘regular’ underwear stores also supply – if not better.


I hope that I haven’t offended anyone with this post. It was just as you can see above something which recently has been highlighted to me and I found interesting… so thought I would share! Please do let me know your thoughts on this (good or bad), I’d love to hear them, KW


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Bobby d
Bobby d
4 years ago

Nothing wrong in the slightest , some people are just so prudish.
Question … karen millen still in business??

4 years ago

Only you could have written something so loud and bold.
Loved every word of it. I personally feel too that there’s no harm in shopping from a sex toys shop.
It adds fun and fanciness to “how you came to this world” question? ;p
Bdw, Nice Pair!