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Friendships are a beautiful thing. They can lift you up when you’re low, support you and you can create memories to last a life-time.  Life is genuinely better with friends.

If you’re anything like me (a mimic), you become the company you keep. Over the past few years I have become increasing selective over my circle of friends, in order to surround myself with like-minded people.  This to me is really important to keep the positive juices flowing.

One of my good friends from athletics from home, Christelle gave me a really lovely present one year which I still have on my bedside table. It reads “Life’s truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way”, when I read this at the time I thought it must almost certainly be true since I had found Elle on my little journey through life. When I reflect upon the friends I have made through my extra-curricular activities and from school and university, I have truly found some lifelong friends. To get to a place where you are able to classify certain friendships as lifelong, does take some time and certainly ups and downs. It can furthermore prove increasingly difficult to differentiate between friendships which are fleeting and for the long haul. However, I guess that comes down to experience.

I have learnt through past experiences that sometimes if you are not selective and do not eliminate toxic friendships they have the potential to ruin your happiness. There is a very fine line though, between being selective and dismissive. I will personally never have a large group of friends, because that’s just simply not who I am. I’d much rather have a couple of close confidants, than numerous friends which I am unsure whether I can trust or not. However, perhaps I am slightly too selective and judgmental in my choices sometimes.

What’s your take on friendships?
Would you rather have numerous friends or a few, close ones?

P.s. click on any of the girls names to find out a little more – esp. Christelle, I’ve linked her blog!



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